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Smoke Odor Removal

Loveland's best smoke odor removal services. Our expert team uses innovative techniques and high-grade products to effectively remove smoke odor and restore freshness in your vehicle.

The difference

Of a Clean Smelling Car

Do you have a vehicle that has been subjected to cigarette smoke or any other unpleasant odor? Don’t worry, Auto-Glow Detailing is here to help. Our team of trained experts specialize in odor removal with the latest tools and techniques to effectively remove smoke odors from your car, leaving it fresh and smelling clean.


At Auto-Glow our smoke odor removal service is designed to not only get rid of unpleasant odors but also enhance the overall look and feel of your car. So if you want a vehicle that looks and smells great, trust Auto-Glow Detailing to handle all your smoke odor removal needs.

Easy Booking

We have a proud team of individuals who would love to work with you. Book your appointment today and experience the difference with Auto-Glow Detailing’s smoke odor removal services.  Book Now!

Say Goodbye To a Smelly Car with Auto-Glow’s Odor Removal Processes


All Surfaces Vacuumed

All carpets, seats, and mats will be vacuumed

Clean All Plastics & Leather Surfaces

Using a smoke odor cleaner, all plastics and leather will be welly cleaned. Leather seats apply.

Extract All Fabric Surfaces

Using hot water and smoke odor cleaner, all seats, carpet, mats, headliner (if possible) will be shampooed.

Clean All Windows & Mirrors

Windows and mirrors fully cleaned to remove any smoke residue.

Let Interior Dry

Before moving on, we must let interior dry completely, using strategies to help dry quickly.

Begin Ozone Treatment

Using a commercial grade ozone machine, well run the treatment for 2-5 hours depending on condition and repeat if needed.

Smoke Odor EliminatorAmazing Deal!

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