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Clear Bra

Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Loveland Colorado

Here at Auto-Glow Detailing we strive to protect your vehicle, offering clear bras, also known as paint protection film (PPF). PPF is a clear, self-healing film that is applied to a vehicle’s paint to protect it from damage caused by road debris, rocks, bugs, and other environmental factors. Clear bra is made of a highly durable, scratch-resistant material that is almost invisible once applied, making it an excellent option for preserving the appearance of a vehicle’s paint.

Trusted Installers

We start the process of installing a clear bra with a thorough cleaning of the vehicle to remove any dirt and debris. The film is then carefully cut to the exact shape and size of the area to be covered, such as the front hood, fenders, mirrors, and side skirts. The film is then applied using a special adhesive and smoothed out to eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles.

Amazing Results

At Auto-Glow we promise our clear bra will be highly durable, lasting for several years and protecting your car from fading and UV damage. If you want the best clear bra (PPF) in Northern Colorado, contact our team at Auto-Glow Detailing or click here to book.

    Partial Front

    • Bumper
    • Headlights
    • ⅓ of Hood
    • ⅓ Fenders

    Full Front

    • Entire Hood
    • Full Fenders
    • Bumper
    • Front Side Mirrors
    • Headlights

    Full Car

    • Entire Car Protected

    Windshield PPF

    Starting at $350

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