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Headlight Restoration

Headlights can make a big difference. From appearance to performance, its important to keep your headlights in good condition. Have you ever noticed it being hard to see while driving at night? No need to replace when you can bring them to Auto-Glow to be restored.

Northern Colorado's Premium Headlight Restorations

Our team of trained professionals use industry-leading processes to ensure the best results for your vehicle. Have questions about our team or processes? Contact for more information!

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The Premium Headlight Restoration Process

Your normal D.I.Y. headlight restoration kits typically don’t use any compounds or polish. Our team goes through a full 6-Step Sanding, Compounding, Polishing, & Protection Process to ensure the best results for our customers.

Your Safety Starts With Us

Instead of the basic sealant, our team at Auto-Glow applies a 1-year ceramic coating to your vehicle's headlights to protect you on the road. We use top-notch products that will efficiently maintain and protect your vehicle.


Depending on your headlight’s condition & size, our typical quote ranges from $85-$130. Want to know where your vehicle falls? Contact Today!


Headlight’s appearance is faded which also results in much lower visibility at night time


After Auto-Glow’s Premium Restoration, you can be assured your vehicle’s lights are in top-notch condition