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As professional auto detailers, we know that using the right chemicals and products can make all the difference when it comes to achieving outstanding results for our clients. That's why you'll be excited to learn about a new revolutionary brand of detailing chemicals and products that is taking the industry by storm. This brand is called "Action Products," and it's based out of Loveland, Colorado.

“With 6+ years in the detailing industry, I've used many different products from many different brands. Action Products has blown my team and I away with the top-notch quality and versatility of their products; saving us time & money while delivering stunning results to our clients!”

Charlie MuscottCo-Founder of Auto-Glow Detailing

Action Products is a company that is dedicated to creating innovative, high-quality detailing products that are both effective and easy to use. Their products are designed to clean and protect your vehicles without overcomplicating the process. And the best part? Each product can be used in multiple applications, saving both time and money!

All Action Products are Proudly Made in the USA, and they offer a wide range of chemicals to suit all your detailing needs. Whether you’re looking for a Ready-to-Use Carpet Cleaner, an Extreme Suds Soap, or a Strawberry Margarita-Scented Detail Spray, Action Products has you covered. Our team has highlighted a few (of many!) chemicals we’ve fell in love with, to give our readers a glimpse into what Action Products is all about;

- Revolutionary Brand Out Of Loveland Is Making Waves In The Detail Industry - Auto-Glow Detailing

A recent favorite at our shop has been the ready to use carpet cleaner. This professional grade cleaner quickly eliminates stains and destroys foul odors, leaving your carpets and cloth seats looking and smelling fresh. Infused with enzymes, this carpet cleaner gets the job done, breaking down dirt and grime for a deep clean. Plus, it’s great on any soft surface inside your car, making it a versatile solution for all your carpet cleaning needs. This dye-free spot cleaner can also be used as an upholstery pre-spray or final cleaner, making it an essential tool for any detailer. And with its pleasant but clean fragrance, you can enjoy a fresh scent without any overpowering odors.

If you want to achieve a professional-level clean for your car’s interior, Action Products’ Ready-to-Use Carpet Cleaner is the perfect product. It’s easy to use and highly effective, making it a favorite among detailers. Whether you’re dealing with tough stains or just want to maintain a clean and fresh interior, this carpet cleaner has you covered. And with its dye-free formula, you can use it on any soft fabric without worrying about discoloration or damage. We highly recommend giving it a try and experiencing the difference for yourself!

Our go-to soap in our foam cannon has been Action Products’ Extreme Suds; and it’s a game-changer for car enthusiasts looking for a high-quality, professional-level clean. This powerful car wash soap provides superior lubrication during the mitting process, reducing the risk of swirl marks and scratches. And with its neutral pH and biodegradable formula, it’s perfect for loosening dirt on exterior surfaces without leaving behind water spots.

One of the best things about Extreme Suds is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of applications, including through a foam cannon for rich suds that shoot through easily. And with its 1000:1 dilution ratio, it’s the most concentrated suds on the market.

But that’s not all. Extreme Suds also has a delightful blueberry scent, making the washing process a more pleasant experience. And perhaps best of all, it does not harm existing waxes or ceramic coatings, so you can use it with confidence knowing that it won’t damage your car’s finish. If you or someone you know is in the market for car soap, Extreme Suds is the perfect choice.

IMG 6098 - Revolutionary Brand Out Of Loveland Is Making Waves In The Detail Industry - Auto-Glow Detailing
- Revolutionary Brand Out Of Loveland Is Making Waves In The Detail Industry - Auto-Glow Detailing

After washing vehicles, our team has experimented with dozens of different Detail-Sprays. Action Products’ Strawberry Marg & Cool Mint Quick Detailer is the best spray we’ve ever used, keeping vehicles looking pristine between washes. This universal sealant is ideal for any clean-up job after washing, providing a hydrophobic coating that protects any exterior surface, including paint, glass, plastic, or rubber trims.

This surface protectant is safe to use on all exterior surfaces and can work over any existing wax or sealant. Its hydrophobic properties provide excellent water beading, making it perfect for those who want to keep their car looking clean and shiny for longer periods.

One of the best things about the Strawberry Marg & Cool Mint Quick Detailer is its ease of use. Its wipe-on, wipe-off formula makes it simple and convenient to apply, even for those with little detailing experience. And with its Blue Cool Mint or Pink Strawberry Margarita scents, this quick detailer leaves behind a fantastic fragrance, making the cleaning process all the more enjoyable.

But it’s not just about the chemicals – Action Products also makes some of the best drying towels, foam cannons, and wash mitts on the market. These products are designed to help you achieve a professional-level clean every time you detail a vehicle.

One of the things that sets Action Products apart from other detailing brands is that it was founded by detailers, for detailers. This means that every product they create is designed with the needs of professional detailers in mind. They understand the importance of using high-quality products that are easy to use and deliver outstanding results.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a new revolutionary brand of detailing chemicals and products that can help you achieve outstanding results for your clients, look no further than Action Products. Their high-quality, eco-friendly products are Proudly Made in the USA and are designed with the needs of professional detailers in mind. So why not give them a try and see the difference for yourself?

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