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Vehicle Longevity


For most people, vehicles are one of their most valuable possessions. From sport car drivers to mothers with 4 children, every vehicle needs to be welly cleaned and maintained. Most are used to exterior washing and vacuuming, but there are many more factors involved to keeping the condition, appearance, and performance of your vehicle at top notch. That’s where a maintenance plan or regular car detailing comes into play.

Your vehicle is an investment and car detailing is a critical element to protecting that investment. Auto-Glow is now offering maintenance plans for our customers that want to take the next step to protecting their vehicle.

- Why Regular Detailing Is Important For Vehicle Longevity - Auto-Glow Detailing

Why Detailing is Important
Here are some reasons why regular car detailing is important for vehicle longevity:

1.) It Maintains and protects your paint.

Your paint condition is not just for looks and appeal, there is deeper purpose in protecting your vehicles body from rust and corrosion. Without maintenance, bird droppings, tar, bugs, dirt, etc. will damage the paint job and leave permeant damage.

2.) It Maintains the value of your car.

Regular car detailing helps keep the value of your car. If your vehicle has been protected long time with often washes, wax’s, etc. the overall condition is going to significantly increase. With keeping the interior and exterior body in good condition, the vehicles will be worth more in the eyes of the buyer.

3.) Extends the life of the vehicle.

For some people, they want to keep their vehicle until it breaks down and fails. Frequent auto detailing will extend these periods by a significant amount. Keeping interior and exterior surfaces clean and protected (especially the undercarriage) can play a huge role in performance long term.

4.) It promotes good health and reduces allergies.

As professional auto detailers our team understands how much the pet hair, dirt, dust, etc. can play a role to the experience of being in a vehicle. Whether in someone’s vehicle or your own, the experience matters, nobody enjoys a bad time in a vehicle. By keeping it disinfected and pet hair free, your vehicle can provide the ride it was always meant to give.

5.) Improves driving visibility

Windshields and mirrors can take serious damage over short periods of time in not maintained properly. Taking your vehicle to an Auto-Detailer as frequently as 4 times a year, can seriously make the world of a difference in maintaining your vehicle’s visibility long term.

Final Thoughts

Regular car detailing is a MUST for maintaining the longevity of your vehicle. It not only helps to protect your investment but also protects appearance, health, and safety! You should be protecting your investment with these services at least once a year, but ideally more if you want to be up to par on your vehicles value. Doing so will provide so many un noticeable benefits, that will play out nicely long term.

AutoDetail1 - Why Regular Detailing Is Important For Vehicle Longevity - Auto-Glow Detailing

Take the leap today and sign up for a maintenance plan!

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