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Water Spot Removal

Our Expert Team Utilizes Effective Techniques to Remove Stubborn Water Spots from Your Vehicle's Surface, Mirrors & Windows!

Northern Colorado's Premium Water Spot Removal Services

At Auto-Glow Detailing, we understand that water spots on your vehicle can be frustrating and unsightly. Water spots are caused by the minerals found in hard water from places like rain, sprinkler water and car-washes which can leave behind white, crusty residue on your car’s surface. Fortunately, our team of experts stays up-to-date with high-quality products and evolved techniques that are gentle on your car’s paint and finish, while staying tough on water spots. Don’t let water spots ruin the appearance of your ride; trust Auto-Glow to get your vehicle back in showroom condition.

Copy of Cover Photo 73 - Water Spot Removal - Auto-Glow Detailing
water spots - Water Spot Removal - Auto-Glow Detailing
Copy of Cover Photo 90 - Water Spot Removal - Auto-Glow Detailing

Removal Process

Hand Wash Vehicle

2-Step hand wash with iron removal and clay bar to prep paint for polish

Cut/Polish Water Spots From Vehicle

Our top-notch products and techniques will remove spots & restore your vehicle's shine

Protect Vehicle’s Paint With Sealant

Seal paint with customer's choice of wax

Allow Auto-Glow to Restore The Shine!

Let's Work Together!

Pricing Based On Size, Condition & Customer Requests.